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It’s official the women in porn are all dogs!

I was perusing my very good friend Gene Ross’s site this morning and right there in his lead story the xxxchurch said all of the women in porn are dogs, OK so I said pigs, but pigs, dogs what’s the difference? It is time we addressed this issue and set some kind of standards. I mean honestly can anybody in the business name one porn girl who isn’t a total skank? If a girl is less than a 3 she should be banned from porn for life. A 4 to a 6 should only be allowed to do anal with her head buried in the pillow and doggie with her facing the wall, zits on her ass reduce her score by 2 tattoos by 3. A girl should attain a minimum of 7 to do reverse cowgirl or Mish. We have standards in almost every other industry why not in porn?
What that’s you say? The xxxchurch said that women in porn are treated like dogs? Huh! Shows what they know.

Posted by John • 08:35 AM