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Laurie wrote back this morning and this time sent me a picture:

Hi John,

Thanks for the quick response. I thought it might take ages. Hopefully you’re leg is feeling better and your face is a bit less swollen.

I am 25, which I think seems to put me on the aged side. Feel free to disagree with me.

The Finnish porn scene pretty much in anything is near non-existant on the international side, which is true with any two-bit country. I was thinking of relocating anyways, so that is a non-issue. The United States I don’t like to begin with so I would not like moving there.

I was thinking that if I was to do porn (yes I am still sitting on the fence about it), would be doing hardcore porn, so the idea of two cocks up my ass (preferably not in the same hole, but hey I am willing to see if it can be done) is not that frightening. My own personal comfort zone ends in bestiality and watersports also are turn off (I blame 120 days of Soddom & Gomorrah, which I saw when I was 19).

I have to admit I thought about web-based, but it seems everyone and their grandmother is doing internet porn today though. So it would have to be somehow “special”, which is always the hard part… I was even thinking maybe the Japanese market, I hear that having western girls submitting to older businessmen is a big turn on there.

Sorry, I am rambling. I have a bad habit of thinking in terms of processes and I have had a long day.

All the best to the man across the globe


Here is my reply:

There is a strong leaning towards 18 year old mindless bimbos in the marketplace it is part of the misogynistic porn trend but by no means does that preclude others, there is a market for all types of women. Your picture is terrific it puts you into the ‘model type’ so popular with the producers of high quality porn. It is a shame you didn’t send me a nude picture, as I still know noting of your body, breasts and tattoo situation. If you have a tall slender body and small perky breasts as your picture suggests you are a winner. Your age is irrelevant as you would be looking to a much more sophisticated market than the teenie gonzo crap that is churned out by the shit load every day. If your body is as good as your face you could be looking to a contract with a top company or at the least an association with the worlds top shooters. I am thinking Prague might be a good place for you to investigate your potential or a really good American agent to introduce your pictures to American companies that shoot in Europe.
Step one make a decision, but remember porn is for ever, the movie you make today will still be around in 20 years.
Step two, this business is a career not party central, a fact that eludes most girls, you will make the most money in your first year, $200,000 is not beyond your reach, make sure you have some of it left at the end of the year, most girls don’t.
Two dicks up your ass is the limit you will be asked for, if you are asked to do watersports or bestiality you are working for the wrong people.
The reason everybody and their grandmother is doing internet porn is because that is where the money is and unlike the DVD market where you get paid one time for your work with the internet you own your own product and it keeps earning for you forever. Doing something ‘special’ is called marketing, working with an expert in this field is what you need, you are not going to come up with the ideas yourself as you have no experience of what has been tried and failed. Forget the Japanese thing!
If you wish to continue our correspondence you need to make a commitment to working in the industry and to send me a few nude pictures, with that we can work out a plan for you.


If anybody else has an opinion or helpfull ideas please email me the address is at the top of the blog

Posted by John • 09:39 PM