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I ran into Thais Schiavinto today at my friends studio.
We have been friends for years and I have always thought that she is the most beautiful transsexual in Brazil. I told her I had just seen a layout on her on the new Ultimate TGirl site.

“Am I the most beautiful girl on the site?” she asked

“You are the most beautiful Brazilian girl on the site” I truthfully answered thinking about Asian beauty Moo who only a few weeks ago I had been fight off in a Pattaya hotel room as she tried to take advantage of me


Right there I re-opened a can of worms that I have pondered for years, where are the world’s most beautiful transsexuals from? Brazil or Thailand? or even somewhere else. Over the next few days I intend to address this question, feel free to email me your opinion.

Posted by John • 05:15 PM