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Damaged Update

So Steve from Damaged called me yesterday. It only took five days of battering him on my blog and two repeats of my saga on Gene Ross's site to get his attention.
"I just wanted to explain what happened" he said
"I know what happened" I growled, "you put my movies on the content store without my knowledge"
"I didn't know they were up I asked one of my guys to put our movies up and he put yours up by mistake"
He wants me to believe he didn't know, didn't check, didn't look and didn't notice on the checks he received that they were for my titles. Aggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
"You told me the same thing when you put my movies on VOD, Stephen" I calmly said with venom in my voice.
"We took all of those down last year"
"No you fucking didn't, we were still arguing with some VOD companies last week"
"Ok I'll look into and get back to you"

"Thank you Stephen"
"Can I ask you a question?"
"Yes Stephen"
"Will you print a retraction?"
"Steven I print only the truth as I see it, if you inform all of the VOD companies that you have my movies with that they are not yours, and if they turn them over to me, and if you give me a full accounting of all of the revenues you have fraudulently received on my movies, and if you pay me in full all of that money, I will certainly write about it."
"Ok, John thank you"
Anybody want to place a bet?

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Posted by John T. Bone • 09:04 AM