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Ladyboy Extreme

I just found this picture of the Ladyboy Bukkaki featured in the movie Ladyboy Extreme, thought you might like to see it.


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School of Cock

We have been shooting a new series called School of Cock. The first one will be out in the next few weeks. I would love to show you the cover but my Art Director does not think it is necessary to send me a copy. If you are familiar with Thai Ladyboys, #1 stars Amy, possibly the most beautiful Ladyboy in the world. Here are some pictures of Em we just shot her for School of Cock 2


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It is early Sunday morning here in Thailand and I thought you might like to see some pictures from upcoming movies. We are shooting a new series called Ladyboys in Latex and last week we shot a very beautiful Ladyboy called Cindy. I have been fucking around with Photoshop trying to get a new look that I like and here are a couple of pictures I have been working on.

for Blog.jpg


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I just heard that the German family who were arrested in Pattaya got 3 years in jail today. Justice is swift in Pattaya

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Requiem for my dog

Cleo died last week, her liver and kidneys gave out. I was not there for her. Cleo joined me 12 years ago, I was shooting at the old Osborne Street studio she lived in the junkyard next door, she walked onto the set and stayed with me all day. That night when it was time to go home she just jumped into my car. We were inseparable for many years until I started to travel. Cleo appeared in over 20 movies, she loved to sit under my chair quietly until I shouted action, then she would run onto the set and chase her tail. Life will not be the same without her.

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I am taking the day off so after being tossed out of bed at 10am by the hotel maids I took a Tuk-Tuk (a sort of 3 wheel motor-cycle vehicle indigenous to Thailand) to Mac Bens Coffee and Internet Cafe, today is a good day for Bens the internet is actually working. 2 Lattes later I am ready for a shave and haircut. The barbershop is a favorite of Dimitris I was greeted at the door by a post-pubescent cutie smiling through silver braces.
You want shave mister?
Humm and hair cut
She sits me in a chair, puts a pillow under my head and climbs up onto my lap to soap up a few of my chins.

You pompui she says, this means I am fat, fucking bitch, Thai girls love fat men or at least they love to make fun of fat men. Fat translates as rich in the average Thai girls mind; they need to spend some time in the Mid-West. Her tiny little hands are all over my face as she scrapes something whores shave their underarms with over my fat face, but I do not give a fuck, she is still in my lap and a healthy boner is settling in, Jesus she is cute. 20 minutes later my face burns like fuck, but did I mention she was really cute.
How you like your head?
Please cut it short but not bald
She shaves my head complete bald.
Now we go shampoo
Shampoo? I have no fucking hair left
Shampoo bettuuuuur!
Tiny hands push and pull me to the sink.
She shampoos my shiny plate and then, get this, she blow dries my bald head. Did I mention she was really cute.
Now it is time to make a decision on what kind of sex to have today. The choices are immense.
There are 3 kinds of women in Thailand.
1) Over 23 years of age, nobody cares about them except for their children
2) Whores, distinguishable by their underwear, they wear thongs.
3) Not-whores, girls who wear big knickers ( English for panties)

There are 2 kinds of massage parlors here
1) Staffed by whores who fuck and suck you for $25
2) Staffed by not-whores who will fuck you if you approach them in the right way for $25. Co-incidence?

I like the not-whores massage parlor best, you never know what you are going to get, but if you get lucky the girls will fuck you and they fuck like real girls not hookers, not so lucky, a hand job for around $10. The secret is to ask for an oil massage rather than a traditional Thai massage. After that be funny and try to talk in Thai, they seem to like you making a fool of yourself, I have a 70 % success rate.

I will let you know later what happens.

Ok I am back but before I tell you what happened I have to tell you a story.
I used to frequent a fishbowl salon called Annies (this where you enter into a bar area and lots of girls sit behind a one-way glass wall, they say it is one-way but Thais lie a lot) The girls wear badges with numbers on them, if you like a particular girl the mamasan will call her number on a microphone and the girl will come out to join you. After that you go to a room with a large bathtub and shit happens. Anyway, the place used to be run by a guy who liked girls to stick their fingers up his ass. So every new girl that joined the place he would try them out and teach them to stick their fingers up his ass convincing them that all men liked this. I fucking hate girls sticking their fingers up my ass so after a few years of this I had to stop going.

Now back to today.
I went to a non-whore massage parlor just down the street, when I walked in a chubby little girl grabbed me and asked if I wanted oil massage mmmmmmm.
All of these girls come from Essan a state to the east of Bangkok, capitol city Udon. We head up the stairs Where you from? she asks
Udon I reply. She shrieks with laughter I am sure of a hand job at least for that one. On the third floor we enter a large room dissected into cubicles with cheap garden trellis and chipboard.
Take off please, she starts pulling at my shirt, I drop my pants she rubs my tummy.
Oh, oowan ja.
Oowan ja is fatter than Pompui. You are a fucking porker yourself, I retort, she has no idea what I said. She tries to wrap a towel around my waist to take me to the shower. Of course the fucking towel will not go all the way round, she dissolves into laughter, I am getting fucking sick of these fat jokes. Any way we shuffle off to the shower where she washes me all over. Now the reason for the story, she starts to pay way too much attention to my butt hole. Memories of tiny little fingers up my ass come flooding back and I come a cunt hair away from punching her. She soaps my dick and starts to jack me off, calm now I clench my ass cheeks in case of further attack and play with her large floppy tits. This one is either captivated by my charm or needs my $25, either way I know I am home free. We shuffle back to the cubicle and I rip her clothes off and lay her face down on the massage bed. Porkies ass and thighs are too big to allow entry so I flip her over, lift her stubby little legs up and she flails about like a cockroach in distress. I fuck her quietly as there are other patrons in the room. The noise of my squeaky bed is drowned out by magnificent farts from the German in the next cubicle.
Men! squeals his girl this means bad smell in Thai, he apologizes profusely and farts again. I proudly shoot my load, Porkie quietly gets up, cleans up and starts to massage me as if nothing had happened, I fall asleep.

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Is Dimitri turning into a fag?

Dimitri is extremely impressionable; he would fuck a knot in a plank of wood if somebody told him it felt good. When I first met him he was fiercely heterosexual, 20 ladyboy movies later he is much more experimental. At 34 years of age, successful and well liked the world is his oyster. One night over Christmas he got drunk and barebacked a teen-age whore lying in a pool of piss on the bathroom floor of a go-go bar. Dangerous and bizarre sex is his middle name. Last night he shot his first gay scene with one of the Brazilian boys and two Thai twinks. Over dinner he was spellbound by what he had shot. I have seen that look in his eye before, before he fucked his first ladyboy to be exact.

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Meet the gang.

I will be talking a lot about my band of misfits and reprobates so here is a chance for you to meet them.

Jenny Star
Jenny looks after me, she cooks, cleans, books talent, translates, handles all of the paper work and does make-up. She directs her own line of movies and appears in mine. She is however totally whacked, she has a habit of jumping out of closets and humping my head. Jenny is funny, witty, loyal and gorgeous, a perfect woman, except for the dick. I am really fond of Jenny but the fact that her penis is bigger than mine is a real impediment to our relationship becoming anything more than employer/employee.

Dimitri Wolfe
Closest friend and partner, Dimitri is a whoremonger supreme. A total degenerate who requires sex several times a day or he lapses into deep depressions. An average day in Mr. Ds life goes something like this:
1 pm. Wakes up and bangs whoever is in his bed.
2:30 pm. Breakfast and a trip to My Friend You a Soi 6 blow job bar, where the girls suck your dick in the open at the bar for around $12.
4 pm. He will go for a 2 hour massage which invariably involves a wank (masturbation: one of those English words I warned you about)
7 pm. He will shoot his first scene of the day
8 pm He bangs the actress from the first scene of the day in his bathroom.
8:30 pm. Takes his crew for a soapie, this is a trip to a local bathhouse where the girls bathe you, massage you, and then have sex with you.
10 pm. Dinner with friends
11 pm Shoots the second scene of the day
1 am Has sex with the actress from the second scene, bathroom again.
3 am Meets up with friends to bar hop looking for girls, he usually fucks one or two in an upstairs room of a local hostelry
5 am He shoots the 3rd and final scene of the day, the actress invariably stays and spends the night with him ready to start the cycle over again.
His one complaint It hurts when I masturbate

Budda B
Still photographer for my shoots, webmaster by choice, wise council by nature. BB does not say much but when he does it is quality advice. A good man, loves Thai people and their way of life, refuses to let us speak ill of them. He is a ex-pat resident of Thailand disenchanted by the American government, the IRS and international finance he constantly sends me links to websites of free thinkers like himself who strive to expose the horrors of our current political system. Example: here is one he sent me yesterday:

The Ex-Mrs. B
My ex wife, a Thai national, after living in the states for 12 years has no patience with anything in Thailand. She hates Thai, -taxi drivers, -shop assistants, -street vendors, -waiters, -hookers, -beggars, -hotel receptionists, and ordinary people in the street, though not necessarily in that order. I met and married her 15 years ago she was a beautiful, quiet girl, then she learned how to shop. Ex-Mrs. B stays with her mother in Bangkok while I am working. She is currently having $1.000,000 worth of dental work done for around $1,500.

The current Mrs. B
19 years old, she lives in Sao Paulo Brazil, beautiful, quiet, currently learning how to shop.

The Boys
Allan Marcelo
Davidson image.jpg
James Mattarazzo
2 Brazilian Porn actors here working with us making our Asian movies stronger and better.

Chuk Wow
(currently missing in action)

Half Thai half Hispanic Chuk was brought up in Sacramento California where he got in to the gang scene. After innumerable run ins with the law his family banished him to Thailand. His uncle took him to the local temple where he joined the clergy as Buddhist monk. After a year he left the temple and moved to Pattaya. He spent some time as a bouncer at a gay club and then joined us as actor/director making kick ass Ladyboy movies. He was last seen doing hard drugs and living with a Ladyboy. His first movie comes out soon from Platinum Blue.
Â¥LADYBOY EXT 1 DVD copy.jpg

Mr Bill
A member of the Constabulary, nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more!

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I am a very sexy man on Soi 6

Soi 6 is the most debauched street in Pattaya. The bars open at 11 am and consist of 10 or 12 young girls in school uniform or bathing suits sitting in the street calling to the men who pass by. Where you go? Welcome, come into bar, You very sexy man. This shit is hard to resist. Once inside the bar the girl will offer to fuck and suck you for around $12 plus another $9 for bar fine and yet another $3 or $4 for a room. They are pleasant and attentive but be warned once you have fucked a girl in a bar you are her customer for life and you can not fuck any other girl in that bar. So you must choose wisely. I like My Friend You bar because most of the action takes place in the bar. There are couches around and the girls will suck you off in front of everybody for $10. They will offer to you fuck you upstairs if you like for the same price but you pay the bar fine and the room charge. The offer usually sounds like this me horny now, you go upstairs fuck my ass cum in my mouth? Hard to say no to an offer like that. Once it gets dark the street come alive, outside the High Boss bar around 20 ladyboys take over the street stopping cars and showing their tits and cocks to everybody. Heres a thought, what is the collective noun for whores? A herd of whores? A plethora of Prostitutes?

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An overview of Pattaya

Pattaya is what we think Tijuana was in the 50s. It is a favorite destination of the worlds most knowledgeable sex tourists, a border-type town of 10s of 1000s of night clubs, go-go bars, whore houses and Bordellos, it is home to more whores, transsexuals and sex traders than any other city in Asia.
Pattaya has grown out of all proportion over the last 15 years, a high proportion of the residents are foreigners, many English, German, American and more recently Russian, usually male in the 50 to 65 age group, it is kind of a male Florida on Viagra. What goes on here has been tolerated by the Thai people for the huge revenue it brings in, tourism is the number one source of income in Thailand and believe me this is not a country you bring your family to.
There are several different Mafias here all co-existing with the authorities and as such it has become a Mecca to the worlds porno industry, but that may be coming to an end. The latest busts have been by the Thai FBI and the Special Branch, politically controlled police from Bangkok, the chief of police here has been removed and more arrests are promised.
As I said most of the guys here are in their 50s and 60s, brought here by the allure of cheap sex with multiple horny teen-age partners they quickly settle down with one teenager who milks them of their life savings. The town is littered with Internet Cafes where the girls sit on webcams at all hours pledging their undying love to several different man in several different countries every night, spouting stories of extreme hardship, the cow died, my grandmother passed away, my sister needs money for school, etc. But hey, if you are going to piss your money away, an 18 with firm tits and a tight pussy is high on my list. So amongst all of this debauchery we sit, cameras ready, waiting for the police to go home.

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Bringing you up to speed

We are currently we are in hiding due to excessive police activity in Pattaya, there have been 2 major busts in the last 3 days. Yesterday Mr. Bill called and insisted we get out of Dodge.
We have been in Thailand for 3 weeks now shooting new and outrageous movies for our various distributors. Then a 50-man task force came to town and busted a web cam set up belonging to a German family.

They arrested 3 local ladyboys who are reportedly squealing like pigs.
2 nights ago the police stormed Walking Street, a street full of whorehouses and go-go bars, turning all of the patrons out into the streets. Many whores were taken into custody on drugs charges and offered deals to turn in foreigners shooting porn in the town.
Last night another bust went down, we do not know who it was yet, but it is rumored one of the people arrested was an American. There are so many American webmasters and movie shooters here it is getting out of control. I guess the police think that way too. The story on the street is they are looking for an American called either Vin or Kyle who is supposed to be shooting under-age girls with fake IDs, this does not sit well with the local constabulary or any of us I might add. So we are shut down, for the next few days I will have the opportunity to learn how to operate my new toy.

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Defining terms

I will be writing this blog in English, a language more often abused than used by Americans. On the occasions I used words not easily understood by the average Yank I will qualify them with a word more common to the American tongue. This however will not last forever so write them down.

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