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It's the end of the world as we know it.

My head is much better thank you, the headaches are greatly lessened and the double vision is down to one and a half, so back to work.

I received some very disturbing news about William the drug dealer yesterday seems he has inherited a second family congenital condition which may be terminal and he is flying to the UK for tests.
I wish you the best mate, I really do.

Melissa tried really hard the other day to goad me into conversation but my head hurt and I replied in short one word sentences so she eventually gave up.
Dimitri my webmaster supreme who has been working on my website for 15 months and it still doesn't work no longer answers my emails and my good friend Brian in Bangkok who was apparently arrested recently for shooting porn can not be reached.

That pretty much sums up my life except for this.........

I was in a webmaster chat room yesterday with what represents a huge slice of the 'Billion Dollar' international porn market and got blown away.
It is now becoming obvious that the DVD market is going the way of tape, that stores are closing down or going broke or both on a daily basis and that distributors are starting to go out of business. This is not new, the twenty odd years that I have spent in the industry have endured many changes, but this time it is very different. The old time company owners have always sat back on their stock piles of shitty movies and felt invulnerable.
"Content is king" they have always said, and it is still true today but..................

One of the webmasters had made a joke and posted a picture of Ron Jeremy to make the point. One after another the guys drew a blank and didn't get the joke, then one posted,
"It is much funnier if you know who the guy is, he is a porn star and I think quite famous!"


These guys are taking over our business and don't know who Ronny is, the most famous face in all of Pornography, and what is really disturbing is that it doesn't matter, they are generating millions of dollars without us and the world we have built.
Everything we have built, everything we own, our legacy, our investments.........all gone to shit!
These guys have built a new world, with new rules and new stars and they don't need us, don't need us? They don't even know who we are.
It's a level playing field out there and nothing we have gives us an advantage, add that to the fact that we don't know how they actually make money, or understand their market, or know who the Milton Twins are, and we my friend are dead in the water.

I for one never saw this coming, I thought we had created a world that meant something, AVN has convinced us for years that the world cares what we do, who we sleep with, who owes us money but in the end they only sell magazines to us, the have always failed to go 'News Stand' because nobody fucking cares what we do just us. Gene Ross is primarily read by us and KSEX has consistently failed to grow. We are the epitome of a narcissistic society Every little porn whore with 10 movies, a website and a fan base of hundreds thinks she is a star, but housewife Lucy out sells her by 1000 to 1 on the net.
The most successful of the new companies are technically inept, couldn't light a set to save their lives but guess what it doesn't matter because the Internet isn't developed enough for the viewing public to know or care.

Everything we believed in is out the window, there are new rules and they are based on amateurism, a total lack of knowledge or regard for the techniques of movie making, and computer skills bordering on genius.
There is us and there is them and they are winning. We have no place in their world, our arrogance and self importance will not carry us through, how can they respect us if they don't know who we are. They are making 'content' not art, they deal directly with the public and understand their market, we only deal with buyers who don't want the boat rocked and stock what is deemed 'safe' our entire industry has been controlled by less than 50 buyers who could make or break a company, their market is the world.
They are irreverent, unruly and smart, they are Bill Gates's kids and they apologize to no one. What makes it worse is they are, in the main, mid twenties, fat, and dress like young black men, they don't drive Lexus cars and they eat in fast food restaurants. They have perfected the one man band principle of holding the camera, getting their dicks sucked, editing the issue and posting it on their own websites. This is a revolution spearheaded by a bunch of guys and a van. Oh yeah, and they don't think too much of Jews either.
They have traveled to and live in many other countries fulfilling their own dreams and at the same time bringing every kind of ethnicity and sexual variation to the market place. Their customers live their sex lives vicariously though these websites while we bemoan the fact that Thailand doesn't issue their ID's in English. They have wiped us out with out knowing who we are, something the government could never do, but as warriors of new technology they pose a much greater threat to the religious whacko's who think they own the world. The industry is no longer conveniently located in 4 square miles in the valley. Their 2257s give address's in Bangkok, Brazil, The Czech Republic, places Baptist muscle and the US government are impotent.

It is a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life, and I'm feeling ???????

Do you think they know who Nina Simone is?

Posted by John T. Bone • 08:50 AM