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Jonathan Silverstein speaks out about Damaged.

menu_01-over.jpg Hey John,

This is a mess and Im pissed at myself that I have to go through this again. You said that it could happen another time and it did. What can I say? You were right and I was wrong. Im a big believer in second chances. However, Im also a two strikes and youre out kind of guy. When it comes to my business Im a straight shooter - and honestly, I dont have the time in my day for this crap!

Please update your site with following unedited statement. (If you would be so fair to let me have a word here, Id appreciate it)

Im going to keep this short and sweet.

First of all, although Im not happy about this entire situation I am pleased that you clearly made mention of the following:

Vittorio, thankfully, understands that the movies were given to Jonathan to sell by Steve from Damaged, and holds Jonathan blameless.
Vittorio knows Jonathan well and speaks highly of his integrity.

The fact that you did so means a lot. I know you could have taken a totally different approach.

Now, to answer your questions:

All Damaged titles have been removed from My business and reputation are far too important to me. I will not have my integrity questioned any further. I have ceased representing their product entirely.

Ive spoken to Vittorio and we are totally cool. This unfortunate situation has been resolved amicably. Anything else regarding this will be handled privately. Obviously, you can contact him and confirm what Ive said.

As far as Im concerned, this has been a lesson learned. Time to move on. Nothing further to see here ;o)

Thank you,


Jonathan Silverstein

My blog is acting up again and I have removed some punctuation marks that were translating into weird text, Jonathans email was punctuated perfectly

Posted by John T. Bone • 07:59 AM