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PORN 101 Lesson 4

This is the fourth and final lesson after this you are on your own. By now, if you have followed my instructions, you should be in a poverty gap, you owe money to everybody who likes you and wanted to help you out and you are owed a fortune that you can't collect. You can't afford to stop because it will all come crashing down and you can't afford to continue because you have run out of money and places to borrow. The numbers your distributor is putting out is diminishing, and the foreign and cable markets are erratic Every suggestion people will give you to increase your business require you to spend money you don't have.
What you do have is content, sell it or die. You can sell scenes to comp companies, Internet companies and middle of the road companies that will wrap your scenes with a new one of their own and put it out as a new release. The chances of anybody finding out and it hurting you are minimal remember nobody watches the movies, only the consumers and we have never given a shit about them! If you can stay alive you may attain the same income you used to have before you got into this mess, if you are with one of the few great distributors who takes on independent producers you will be in good shape.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut the industry as we know it is dying, sure there are companies that will go on making money forever but they are few and will not share their success with you. Stores are closing, money is getting tighter even the good guys are wondering if they can stick by their principles and survive, it will never get any better! The only answer is the Internet but here is the problem, the Internet is like porn used to be when we shot on film, it requires skills and talents that are extremely difficult to learn, unlike the DVD market that only requires a tattoo and a ski hat to be a director.
There are many helpful sites that will teach you how to write HTML, how to market, how to understand traffic, affiliate programs, TGP's, hardlinks, credit card processing and the like, but there are also wolves out there who will steal your eyes.
I am completely embroiled in this world as a 'Newbie' and do not have the experience to give advice to anybody above this:
Unless you are an extremely successful distributor with enough money outside of your company to retire and the common sense to not reinvest any of it in the domestic DVD market, you are basically up shit creek without a paddle!

Posted by John T. Bone • 11:19 AM