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Two households, both alike in dignity......

.....In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,

So what happens when you find out your friend, whom you respect, is illegally selling your product?
This dilemma has just befallen Vittorio who at my biding went onto Jonathan's site (the content and found his movies for sale, unauthorized and very much against his wishes.
If it were me, at this point in the game, I would probably call down a Jihad on Jonathan, but then we all know I have a tendency to overreact. Vittorio, thankfully, understands that the movies were given to Jonathan to sell by Steve from Damaged, and holds Jonathan blameless.
Now here is where the lying starts.
After my movies were found on his site Jonathan says that Steve swore to him that everything else he had given him was owned by Damaged, that Damaged owned the rights and absolutely definitely it was just an oversight on my stuff. That was the extent of Jonathan's checking on who the actual owners of the product he represents are.
Steve will say it was all a mistake and one of his guys included it in the package and he didn't know. So here are the questions that need to be asked:
1 Jonathan will you continue to represent Damaged knowing that it is extremely likely that you still have content on your site for sale that Damaged do not own the rights to?
2 Steve if you are so dumb that you don't know what is going on in your business how come you didn't check Jonathan's site to see if any other of your titles were on it that you don't have the rights for?
3 And now my favorite, if Jonathan has in fact made any sales on Vittorio's product how come nobody told him and paid him for them?

Vittorio knows Jonathan well and speaks highly of his integrity, lucky for him, the next guy, like me, might not know him or believe that he could be duped a third time!

A small footnote here, Vittorio has cleared up the mess with Sleazy, that was a misunderstanding of his own making and did not involve Steve

Posted by John T. Bone • 09:30 AM