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You're not going to believe this but..........


I have had my money problems over the years, god knows, the guy that ran off with our money in India causing the whole trip to be cancelled caused me an incredible financial loss, I will end up not earning for 5 straight months. But one thing I won't do is steal money from my clients.

And then there is Damaged.

I certainly opened a can of worms the other day when I said if you need any help getting paid by them drop me an email.
Here is their latest victim.

Hey there,
Saw the recent posting about Homegrowns problems with Damaged. I had, and STILL have the same problems. It took a year, and $1700 to Lawyers and a Collection Agency to get the ball rolling. I'm STILL owed one final payment. They released 'Tony's Amateur's line' which is ALL my content, without EVER paying a dime. They are also selling my content as web content to websites, which is NOT allowed in the contract (and they STILL haven't paid in full so the contract STILL doesn't exist yet). Steve's a total scumbag and so is his father. I TOO was nominated for an AVN award (didn't win) last year without even knowing the line was released (Steve used his TXP Media as a front for Damaged). Anyway, anything you can do?? Tell him Vittorio from HotAm wants his money pronto or his Collection Agency Lawyers will rip him an new asshole.
Oh, and is giving away my entire content for FREE to surfers!!! I never heard of them. Did Damaged sell the content to them?? Who knows? Anything you can do about Sleazy Eddie also??
Let me know and contact me ANYTIME!!

So here we go again, Vittorio wants his money, The Content Store is probable the company illegally selling his content to websites, Jonathan is either another nice guy duped by Steve or he is so fucking desperate to make a buck he is willing to risk his reputation and that of his new company on the word of Steve, a liar and a thief

I am sure Damaged is also fucking him by selling his DVD's Internationally and with VOD sales.
I don't think Steve can keep convincing everybody around him that he is just careless and makes mistakes, but just in case you are all fucking stupid here's the scoop
Damaged keep selling VOD rights, Internet footage, Foreign sales and now domestic DVD sales on product they have no rights to. If you are aiding and abetting them you are committing a crime also. Are the few dollars you make worth your reputation?
I still believe that all of this is going on behind Blaine's back, but enough is enough, if he doesn't do something now, then from this day on I will assume him to be a partner in crime with good old "he just keeps getting overwhelmed with work" Steve.

I am sending Vittorio a list of VOD companies that Damaged illegally represented my movies to, the same list I sent to Joel. If all of his titles are not removed by the end of the week I will name the companies who are in cahoots with Steve.

The shooters of this industry are not prey to be abused and cheated by distributors. Most of them don't know the ropes so people like Steve fuck them over and steal their money, well enough already, here is PORNO 101

When you shoot on your own money you own the product.
There are various venues to sell your product and you own the rights to all of these venues.
1 Domestic DVD rights, this is what you grant an American distribution company who sells your movie in American and pays you a Royalty usually on sales, he has the right to duplicate your movie and sell copies in the US only. Be careful here because most US distributors have standing deals with Canadian companies and they may sell the Canadian rights without your knowledge.

2 Foreign Rights, this is a changing situation, time was you sold the right to duplicate and sell your movie in a foreign country for a period of seven years for an amount of money. Since DVD became the norm US distributors are selling movies world wide. Be careful with the rights you grant your US distributor if he gets all rights world wide you loose $10,000 or more in foreign sales.

3 Cable, VOD, Internet VOD and cell phones. This is the emerging market and is potentially worth more than all the others together. It is best, if you are new, to get an Agent to represent you, though it is hard to find an honest one, I use Josie at Angel pictures, in 5 years she has never stolen a dime from me.

4 Internet sales of your scenes. This is the newest area of income, the Internet has a voracious appetite for porn and content houses have sprung up everywhere, problem is they don't bother to check who the legal owner is so chances are your content is already being sold by one of them. As this side of the business increases so will your options of reaching it. Right now I have an Agent who specializes in this field selling my old content, not a content house.

This is a brief thumbnail of the industry, there may well be other places your content is being sold behind your back that I don't know about if you find one please let me know. As long as you remain ignorant of your markets and desperate to get any kind of distribution deal companies like Damaged will welcome you with open arms.

But this has to stop, and today I am so fucking mad I am going to be the guy to make a start. From today John T. Bone is open to help anybody new or old who wants to own his own product. You can email me by clicking on the contact button at the top of the page. I will answer any question and share my 20+ years of experience with anybody who wants it. I will help you start your business and direct you to honest guys to work with, I will also share my knowledge of the assholes who will fuck you. This industry is a maze to be navigated carefully I am offering my expertise free to anybody who wants it.

Posted by John T. Bone • 08:32 AM