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I got mail


This email was in my inbox at 5am this morning.

"I took a while and read your site. You should write stories!

I purchased your movie "Wicca" some time ago and have thought about contacting you some how for this movie which I think is very well done and has a rare quality to it.

I was wondering If you planned a Sequel to It ?

I read that you had a problem with whomever you were working with that put this one out and no longer are with them.

I do hope you get your much deserved restitution for your hard work.

Thanks for the Ode to quality in your films. Yes I used the word "Ode." Personally I think It fits."

The truth is I liked Wicca very much, it was shot in Brazil and was very expensive to make. Unfortunately I lost a fortune on this movie so the likelihood of a sequel is not good. The market today is glutted with cheap crap in flashy boxes and quality movies can not compete. Nobody in the industry ever watches a movie before you take it home, not the producer, not the distributor, not the store owner, nobody, so there is no quality control, you are being fed garbage and nobody knows or cares. The DVD porn market is dying and the distributors, who never miss a chance to fuck themselves in the ass, will now make cheaper and cheaper movies to combat the loss of revenue due to the decline in sales. The result is worse and worse movies on the shelves and the consumers, you guys, will buy less and less because they suck, resulting in a further decline.
Tell a distributor that his sales are falling because his movies suck and he will look at you as if you were from Mars.
The internet is not movie friendly, the most successful sites promote single scenes not movies and VOD has been mishandled so badly that the producers of the movies make no money. So my friend I am sorry but the future looks bleak for quality movies. However to cheer you up I can offer you 10 minutes of VOD free on any of my movies you would like. If you liked Wicca you will probably like the later Domina's. I just made a deal with Game Link to open a John T Bone store and to start it off we have this special offer for anybody who would like to take advantage of it. free_ppm_cta.jpg

Posted by John T. Bone • 07:26 AM