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I have an email account I use for personal business with the company that supplies internet to my house. Never had a problem with it, couple of spam filters, get the odd piece of crap but nothing too annoying. The Blog unfortunately is linked to Yahoo email which has to be the worst system imaginable. To start with no matter what I do the filtered out spam is about the same amount as the amount that is let through, and they manage to filter out every really important email I ever get so I have to go through the spam anyway, Then to add insult to injury every couple of days when I send an email I have to copy some weird letters into a box or they won’t send my outgoing mail because I might be a spammer!
Now on top of that some spammer has gotten hold of my Blog email address and every day I get returned mail from people he is spamming, in my mail box, not in my spam file. I had thought that this move to a new server we are making was going to allow us to stop this from happening but last night my webmaster was doubtful. So short of giving up the web address I waited 10 years to get I will have to put up with this for ever or get one of the spam filter systems that makes you email me twice, once to email me and then you get an email asking if you are real so that they can deliver your first email and you have to respond or your first email won’t go through.
I hate fucking spammers and the power they have to fuck up your life, anybody who responds to their sales pitches should be shot for consorting with the enemy.

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The latest from this unique band

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If you have pins and needles in your leg but it feels like real pins and real needles look down and see if you have a kitten attached to your leg

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Before you put your shoes on you should look into each shoe to make sure there are no kittens sleeping in them.

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If your brand new $120 headphones aren’t working properly check the cable for kitten teeth marks.

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If you let a kitten walk around on your MAC keyboard up around the F13 and delete keys your screen will go black.

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The site is going to have to go through some delicate surgery today and tomorrow, first it is going to be moved to a new server, a very dangerous thing to do to a blog and then we have to cut out an insidious cancer. Some miserable bastard has invaded my poor blog and is sending out millions of spam messages containing virus’s. So soon it will have a new home and be free of the filth clogging its arteries. In the meantime here is something pretty to start your day.
Brea 2.jpg

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Can you take decent pictures? Would you like to spend a couple of months in Asia? Can you leave next month? Email me now!!!!!

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My mailbox is full of requests for the url for free movies. As I have said several times I am very uncomfortable about this whole thing. One site does seem to have cleaned its act up up somewhat and although it carries Hollywood movies it doesn’t seem to have any that haven’t been released yet. I am going to publish today this video made by Billy Nye showing you how to access this one site which recently changed its name after that you are on your own. Remember this is not for porn or Adult movies that is a completely different system.
Watch Full Movies For Free Online - video powered by Metacafe

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I have been struggling with this whole free internet issue for weeks now. I think I told you I found these secret sites where you can see brand new Hollywood movies for free. Recently I have watched ‘The Queen’ ‘Babel’ and ‘Casino Royal’ these are all movies I would have gone to the cinema and paid to watch so I feel as guilty as all hell. Juxtaposition this guilt with the outrage I feel at seeing my own movies all over the bit torrent sites available for free download and you can understand the torment. Ultimately I feel if we all stop paying to watch movies studios will stop making them, or worse keep reducing the budgets, like we did, untill everything is crap, The Blair Witch Project may be the benchmark of future produtions, which would be a tragedy.
This may be the dumbest idea yet but I am thinking of publishing the link to these guys in the hopes that somebody from the studios will read my blog and shut them down, of course in the meantime you will all be able to watch first run movies for free, what to do, what to do?

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The date is finally set for me to be off again and so I am inundated with work that has to be finished before I go. Mr. Big dropped me a project off last Wednesday afternoon,
“I need this by tomorrow.” he said
I worked till midnight Wednesday, put in 16 hours Thursday, Friday and Saturday and finally finished it after a final twelve hour burst on Sunday. Today I start another marathon project wondering how come I’m the only guy in the operation who can do this shit.
My trip, originally planned for December, was delayed and delayed and delayed, so much so I have lost my apartment in the town I work in and have to start all over again, staying in a hotel and looking for a new apartment. My crew have completely disappeared and even William the drug dealer doesn’t answer his emails, this could be a very lonely trip.
The upside of course is that as usual all hell will break loose and I will have all kinds of stuff to write about. My life over there is a balance between whores, whorehouses, running from the police and eating, though not necessarily in that order, the adventure starts soon.

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If I knew what I was doing I would be dangerous. A month ago I knew nothing about the Internet, nothing! In the last few weeks I have learned the rudiments of writing HTML, I have built 14 TGP/blog sites from the ground up, I have joined and learned about, affiliate programs and am now moving thousands of hits a day around among several established Internet companies. So far I have made $1! So what does this all mean? Well two things actually, one, the Internet is full of people looking for free porn, and two, converting the average surfer into a buyer takes a skill I haven’t learned yet.
Then there is three…
Wait a minutes you said two things!
Ah yes my friend , but as I was writing this, the fickle hand of doom came and rested on my shoulder.
“They’re going to fuck it up” a voice said
“Who are?”
“The Israelis, the jobbers, the guys who will work for free just to be around girls, the guys that flooded the DVD world with crap and drained its life blood, they are all going to get into the Internet and give everything away for free.
For the same reason loggers destroy the rain forest, greed!
Quick history here:
When I came into the industry porno tapes sold in the stores for $99, distributors were getting forty something and the budgets on movies were around sixty to a hundred thousand dollars.
Everything was shot on film so it took skills and knowledge to make movies and the cowboys were kept out. Then the Japanese invented the video camera! The first Ikigami’s cost $98,000 to buy and two hundred and fifty a day to rent, along with a sound package and a tape deck, it also required a boom guy and an engineer. $1,000 a day for sound and camera was a fair price and it still took trained people to operate the equipment but idiots could become directors, and they did, me included.
The industry boomed, retail prices dropped to around $50 a tape but everybody was making money.
Slowly the insidious Japanese invented stuff that reduced the cost of a camera to the same price a blow job used to cost and made everything automatic. Now the skill requirements of a porn film maker were on a par with those required to get a drivers license in Hollywood. The Ski Hat Brigade found an industry that required no skill, a studio system that never looked at its own product, ruled over by a hierarchy of distributors fat on twenty years of incredible business. It was like taking candy from a baby! Today the industry is in the shit can. DVD’s sell for less than a buck, there is more product per week than an over active, out of work, sex maniac could ever jack off too and everybody is walking around saying “what happened?”
So my greedy little colleges, time for the next golden goose.
The Internet is booming, the ability to deliver an image is so low monkeys shooting underwater could make acceptable product. For our genius’s it is like leaving the police force and working in Shopping Mall security.
The fucking Japanese (maybe not, just being a bigot) have found ways for morons to build websites in less than an hour for free and there are instructional websites that will teach you how to make, maintain and market them. Now I know what it felt like to stand on the soil of the good old USA in 1849 with hope in your heart and a shovel!
Let the gold rush begin, here come the locus of the porn industry and we will have your Internet industry stripped and valueless in less than five years, yeeha!

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I am so fucking sick of the use of derogatory terms to describe girls in the titles of movies. Admittedly some of them aren’t the prettiest girls in the world, but unless they actually open their mouths and speak most are on the better side of 7’s.
Every website, every movie title today is ‘fucking whores’ ‘cum sluts’ ‘bitches’ ‘filthy fuckers’ ‘fuck my shitty ass’ or worse. It was fine a few years ago when one or two guys did it for shock effect but now it is every title on the shelf and we are so desensitized that the shock value is gone and what we are left with is a legacy of unnecessary vulgarity and school yard rhetoric.
This kind of nonsense started when when the industry open its doors to the flood of effluence spewing out of the temporally bankrupt music industry. These deserting rats bought themselves a ski hat and a cheap camera and called themselves porn-og-raffers. They became drunk on the power derived by paying girls to get naked and have sex in front of their cheap little rinky dink automatic cameras and paid them back by creating a market that fed off of submissive, self loathing, insecure teenagers.
They choked them, fisted them, pissed on them and vomited into their mouths all in the name of adult art, and we, blinded by the Emperors new clothes, were so terrified of being left behind we exceeded the bounds of common decency in persuit of the all mighty buck.
Are these the kind of movies we really want to make? Another 120 minutes of defiling some poor kid who needs a lousy six hundred bucks to pay her court fine, or buy a set of drums for her worthless boyfriend?
This is a very sick society that we live in but do we really have to live in its toilet bowl?
The music industry has been revitalized thanks to ipod and the like, so it’s time for you guys to go home now. They have way better drugs, and a plethora of moronic groupies, you’ll be much more at home over there.
So thanks for stopping by, you brought our industry to the lowest level of creativity since cave drawings. Oh and don’t let the door hit……

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As we move painstakingly into the new technology of the Internet I have been devouring knowledge with the enthusiasm of a retarded school boy. Nevertheless over the weekend I built 10 websites! Now let’s be clear these were not your super flashy techno sites more sort of build by numbers techno moron sites but the principles are the same and it will make me a better manager. Hell last Friday I didn’t know what RSS feed was today I use it as the backbone of all my sites. I wrote my own HTML and I installed counters on all of the sites. So here is the thing, I stopped visiting the sites for maintenance purposes last night so today all of the clicks are from real people. I know that it is only 6am and only foreigners and junkies are on the net but it is interesting that the only thing different about each site is its name. One site has had 350 unique visits so far one has only had 5. In a game where people have been buying names and hoarding them for years it is not a level playing field but as I go forward and learn more here is the most important thing I have learned so far, if you want a successful website step one is coming up with a good name.

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