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Rosie O’Donnell is a fat, boring, self-opinionated, lesbian, so why is the government so afraid of her?
The Bush propaganda machine is running over time with news puppets, Shawn Hannity and Bill O’Reilly dedicating their TV shows day after day to discredit Miss O’Donnell’s opinions, why? What are they so afraid of?
Don’t know what I am talking about?
Well the fat old dike has an afternoon TV show called ‘The View’ with an audience made up almost entirely of women. She rants occasionally about the war in Iraqi and the mysteries of 911 and the missing airplane that was supposed to have crashed into the Pentagon except there was no debris and the association of the Bush family with the Ben Laden family and she comes up with ………. conspiracy!
Yeah so, me too! I think that Bush was behind 9/11, lied about WMD in Iraqi, is complicit in huge frauds by Halliburton and others, is the most dangerous war criminal since Hitler, and so do millions of other non-party free thinking Americans. Rosie O’Donnell is not a voice in the wilderness, just a fat old Lessie with the ear of what might prove to be the strongest political force of modern time, women!
We have fought long and hard in our industry for the one thing this administration fears the most, our constitutional right to free speech. Who was it that said “it is easy to protest a mans right to free speech when you agree with what he is saying it is a true test of civil liberty to protect a mans right to say what you are violently opposed to? Or something like that.
This administration has perpetrated fraud, mass murder and unspeakable crimes against innocent civilians both in their homes and in secret prisons, they have violated our civil rights and past laws negation the constitution, through the Dept. of Homeland Security they tap our phones, view our bank accounts, collect personal information on the most innocent of people, they invade our libraries and our news media, they control what we see and hear and run smear campaigns against anyone who speaks out against them. The press was so terrified of being called ‘un-American’ they turned a blind eye to government atrocities for years. This government spends millions of dollars on friendly news puppets who carry the party message, public opinion is controlled by a campaign of fear that the Nazis would have been proud of. This lady wants the government held accountable, the Bush puppets are desperate to discredit her. It is extremely dangerous to speak the truth in America, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and John Lennon tried I hope Rosie doesn’t join the list.

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There aren’t too many people in porn that are really innovative. The main thrust of the industry is to rip off your competitions half-assed idea that he ripped off from somewhere else. But every once in a while somebody comes along with an idea that is just fucking brilliant, so fucking brilliant you wish you had thought of it yourself.
Today I found this website that is one of those. The scam is that two guys own a recording studio and run ads for girls to come by and test for recording contracts. The girls are bloody awful singers but they are prepared to fuck the the studio guys to become rock stars. It is so simple and so believable who fucking cares if it is real or not, the point is it could be, and that makes it brilliant in my book. The site is called Desperate Popstars and to my knowledge it is the only site in the world with this theme. OK so by next year there will be 20 of them but today this is it. You can check it out by clicking on either of the two pictures.

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PacinosWorld02.jpg You will love this site

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If you have been reading my stuff for a while you will know I have been agonizing over the sites that offer Hollywood movies for free on the web. Today I visited three of them, one has become a Utube clone with no first run movies in sight and the other two are closed down completely.
Now if we could only deal with the charlatans in the bit torrent world who give our porn movies away for free we could all go back to making money.

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I may have finally run out of things to write about.
Apart from a short break in Sao Paulo I have sat at this computer 7 days a week for close on seven months and poured my heart into print. I have written about every single thing that has passed through my brain and now the needle is very defiantly on empty. The next few days are to be dedicated to getting ready for my trip. My suitcases have been ruined by cats and kittens sharpening their claws, even the ones fitted out with sections to house lighting equipment, and need to be replaced. It is time to test cameras and count light bulbs, pack cables and stands and make it all look like tourist luggage.
I do not think there will much inspiration generated from these chores nor do I think you will be fascinated by a deep and personal insight into how many shirts I pack.
I redo the budget every day with Mr. Big and check the exchange rates every morning to make sure I am not giving my labor away. I am delighted and thankful to be working again it looks like a two and a half to three month stint shooting six days a week. There will be tales to be told aplenty. As we speak William is lining up the whores for my welcoming party and I even have a new camera for clearer pictures of the tender young things that will succumb to my charms and Yankee dollars. So there is much to come just be patient OK?

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Wafah Dufour, the niece of Osama bin Ladens poses for GQ magazine

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It’s official the women in porn are all dogs!

I was perusing my very good friend Gene Ross’s site this morning and right there in his lead story the xxxchurch said all of the women in porn are dogs, OK so I said pigs, but pigs, dogs what’s the difference? It is time we addressed this issue and set some kind of standards. I mean honestly can anybody in the business name one porn girl who isn’t a total skank? If a girl is less than a 3 she should be banned from porn for life. A 4 to a 6 should only be allowed to do anal with her head buried in the pillow and doggie with her facing the wall, zits on her ass reduce her score by 2 tattoos by 3. A girl should attain a minimum of 7 to do reverse cowgirl or Mish. We have standards in almost every other industry why not in porn?
What that’s you say? The xxxchurch said that women in porn are treated like dogs? Huh! Shows what they know.

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good butt.jpgI made a comment the other day about all of the American Porn girls being pigs. This did not win me a lot of friends in the US porn community, ha-ha fuck ‘em! However I was reminded that there are two sides to every story. For example, Ashley whose ass adorns this posting is basically a C+ skank but who cares about her face and saggy tits when she is dragging an ass like that behind her? Coming into a room, who gives a fuck? But leaving she certainly has my attention. There are a shit load of these second grade, tattooed, attention whores ready to drop their draws, show their big fat asses and get plowed, for their 15 minutes of porn fame. Never mind the quality feel the width as my mother used to say. They may not be up to much but there sure is a lot of them, God bless America.

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Got an email from Jeff Mullen this morning, seems he drew the attention of
To my site and now they are syndicating my Blog, woo hoo!
Of course I went to check them out and among the plethora of Blogs they list is one from a dumb ass red neck who has been dogging me for years, so for the first time ever I visited his site just to look for spelling mistakes.
Surprise, surprise, surprise!
Right there on the second line of his free, off the peg, ugly ass Blog is his description of its contents:

The Institute for Advanced tudy of Insensitivity and Pornography

Now I for one don’t know what a tudy is, let alone an advanced one! But maybe some advanced use of spell check might be appropriate.

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Do you remember a movie from the 60’s or 70’s called ‘The Wrong Box’? It starred Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and Peter Sellers played a cameo as a nutty doctor who lived with a thousand cats. Well the kittens are 7 weeks old now and although we only officially have four it feels like a thousand. As I write this there is one asleep on the top of my fat belly, one clawing my feet, one asleep in my shoe and one MIA.
The house is being painted and there is a portable radio on the other side of the window I sit by playing Mexican Umpha music (the kind of music that fat old men in black suits and big black hats covered in silver dollars play) interspersed with long bouts of rhetoric in Spanish by a guy who is either commentating on a football match or selling Ginsu knives, from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm six days a week. On Sunday this responsibility is taken over by the guy next door who treats the neighborhood to classic umpha music at the same decibels as a Cape Canaveral launching, and it gets progressively louder throughout the day, as he gets progressively drunker I assume.
And through all this the thing that pisses me off the most is the returned emails I get from the people attacked by the spammers who have kidnapped my email address.
KC, my webmaster, called me the other day most concerned and told me about Spam Arrest apparently a miracle program that solves everything.
“How many emails are you getting a day” he asked
“Lot’s” I replied and just as I was going to say ten or twelve a day he said
“I was getting around twenty six thousand a month before I used this program”
Then later in the day Mr. D (remember him?) sent me an email with a link to the Spam Arrest site “I was getting two thousand spam’s a day” he said.
You know what? I don’t fucking care how many you guys were getting or how wimpy my lousy ten a day are, I fucking hate it that some asshole has stolen my email address and is sending out millions of annoying emails with my name on them!!!!!

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I came across this incredible German photographer today. His name is Magic Zykes and his website is definatly worth a visit

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In case you missed it Gamelink are giving away 10 minutes of free VOD to introduce the newjohnbowen_2.gif

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“How come you never put pictures of American Porn Stars on your Blog”
“Because they are all butt ugly”
“Not all of them surely?”
“Yes my friend, all of them, why do think I travel so much?”
If you are a porn star and don’t look like a broken down drugged out old hag, or you know one, please send me your/her picture I would love to be wrong on this one. Oh and please no fake tits, needle marks, stretch marks, bruises from the last beating your boyfriend gave you or dirty feet.

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I had an epiphany the other night at 2 o’clock in the morning.
I am flying to Thailand next month and this time my beautiful Brazilian wife will be going with me, well not exactly.
I told the travel that she has never flown Internationally before and that she speaks only Portuguese, which is about as useful as speaking Latin in the real world, and she said “no problem” she can fly into San Francisco you can take a 5 am flight and meet her there and you can fly together to Bangkok via Japan.
“Isn’t that fantastic” I thought “she gets on one plane in Brazil and I am there to meet her off it in SF.” For a whole week I thought like that until I suddenly sat upright in bed the other day and realized that the flight time I had been quoted was four hours longer than it takes to fly from Sao Paulo to San Francisco. In the early hours of the morning I called the airline and asked them if the flight she was booked on was indeed non-stop as it said on her flight schedule or not.
“Oh no sir, there is a change of planes in Chicago”
“Does that mean that the Chicago San Francisco part is domestic?”
“But my wife doesn’t have a US visa!”
“Without a visa you can’t even change planes in the US!”
“And who came up with that gem?”
“The Dept of Home Security, sir”
What is Bush so fucking afraid of? The Boogie Man?
Do we really have to live in fear?
Is our government so weak?
Do people hate us so much?
They didn’t use to before Bush took over!
You can’t get a visa to visit the States if you live in a third world country, so she can’t just pop down to the embassy and pick one up, my immigration lawyer wants $4000 to get her legal here and we have been married for 2 years.
So now my little language impaired wife has to fly to Amsterdam sit and wait alone for 9 hours in the airport and then fly to Bangkok also alone, not such a big deal except that it takes almost 2 days. As inconvenient as all of this is it is nothing compared to what a mess it would have been if I hadn’t found out.
So once again, fuck you very much Mr. Bush and all your little Gestapo friends, we can all sleep a little easier in our beds tonight knowing that the innocent travelers of the world are all getting fucked by the once great and popular USA.
There was a time when it really meant something to be an American in the third world, people really respected us. Today I tell everyone I am English, I am so sick of apologizing for my government.

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Her tits have certainly got bigger since this was shot.

Flying Strip - video powered by Metacafe

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