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Dear Miss Lil' Kim I think I love you.


I stole this picture from David LaChapelle's website because I love you. He has lots more and I know he won't miss just one. You remind me of a blow up doll I used to have. I loved her very much and we were very happy together for years until she ran off with the tire puncture repair guy at the local garage. I saw you on the cover of PHOTO Magazine, the Italian one no less and I fell in love with you then. Please write back soon and let me know when you can over and play video games. I make great sandwiches. Please bring your jammies if you want to stay all night. If you call and a Russian girl answers don't worry she is just the cleaning lady.
PS If you hear from Jeff Mullen he is almost married.

Posted by John T. Bone • 02:22 PM