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Dear Miss what's-your-name I think I love you.

More pictures like this here!

I just signed an affiliate deal with one of the best photo studios in Russian and your pictures came in their promo pack and i just want to tell you I love you. It said on the zip file Natasha - Schon - Cassan I don't know which of those names is yours but it doesn't matter because I love you. I hope your name is Natasha because I used to love the Bull Winkle Show but even if it is Schon I will love you the same. I already posted a picture of you on my site today but I posted this one too so you would know my love is real. Anybody can click on your picture and link to a whole gallery of your pictures and they will fall in love with you like I did but please remember I loved you first. The other guys will just want to have sex with you but I think we could have something really beautiful together.
How would you like to live in America? I have a very large house and it needs cleaning a lot. I hear that Russian women get fat and ugly when they get older so can we please get together soon?
Please write back soon as I am getting another promo pack of pictures on Monday and I might find a picture of a girl I could love more.
PS I am 21 years old, very handsome and very very rich.
PPS If Jeff Mullen writes to you he already has a girlfriend and loves her very much.

Posted by John T. Bone • 01:05 PM