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The guilt is killing me


I have been struggling with this whole free internet issue for weeks now. I think I told you I found these secret sites where you can see brand new Hollywood movies for free. Recently I have watched 'The Queen' 'Babel' and 'Casino Royal' these are all movies I would have gone to the cinema and paid to watch so I feel as guilty as all hell. Juxtaposition this guilt with the outrage I feel at seeing my own movies all over the bit torrent sites available for free download and you can understand the torment. Ultimately I feel if we all stop paying to watch movies studios will stop making them, or worse keep reducing the budgets, like we did, untill everything is crap, The Blair Witch Project may be the benchmark of future produtions, which would be a tragedy.
This may be the dumbest idea yet but I am thinking of publishing the link to these guys in the hopes that somebody from the studios will read my blog and shut them down, of course in the meantime you will all be able to watch first run movies for free, what to do, what to do?

Posted by John T. Bone • 06:32 AM