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An open letter to Luke Ford.

I fucking hate you, you supercilious, backstabbing, lying, little sissy boy, you should burn in Hell for the damage you have inflicted on so many peoples business's and lives with the unsubstantiated lies you have printed about them.
You have the audacity to cut and paste paragraphs from my Blog as if we were some kind of friends?
What makes your actions even more offensive is that one of the main thrusts of the article you plagiarized was the damage you have done to the industry and the incomes of many producers by printing unsubstantiated lies about the validity of Thai performers ID's of course you left that part out, you fucking coward!
You are a blight on the industry Ford and it sickens me that by reprinting my thoughts you could be inferring some kind of cooperation or collusion between us. On the rare occasion that I quote Gene Ross I preface the quote by saying 'my dear friend' or 'my very good friend', in future if you can't make a living without stealing my posts please have the good manners to preface the passages you steal with 'copied from John T. Bone who hates my fucking guts'

Cut and paste this, you pansy!

Posted by John T. Bone • 10:47 AM