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Final countdown


As we work furiously towards the opening of the site I want to share a few thoughts with you along the lines of my last posting.
There are two points I would like to make. The first is why the internet will ultimately win over the DVD market.
The age of the porn star is over, there will never be any more Amber Lyn's, Samantha Strong's or even Kendra Jade's just an endless parade of 2nd rate whores. Why because these girls were made by the studios who made huge amounts of money off their contract girls, that money has disappeared. The whores who come to LA to make fuck movies get all bent out of shape over what a big deal they are and they tend to be the skankiest and the biggest abusers of drugs. I have generally found the bigger the ego the greater the drug addiction which of course means the bigger the problems. The watch word is shoot her quick before she turns into a flake.Gina.jpg
The average LA skank shoots a million gonzo movies in her first week and everybody has her in their release schedule at the same time.
The internet on the other hand is still a cottage industry with dumb young guys in Podunk, fucking nowhere, shooting corn fed, fresh, drug free, all American girls once or twice just for the fuck of it. These girls blow the 'professionals' away. They don't get over exposed and we never learn what flakey cunts they are.
Exclusivity on a kick ass girl still buys customer loyalty, only the internet can produce that.
The other thing that has pissed me off for years and I have never written about before is the use of the word 'professional' by the porn girls.
"When I do my scenes I am very professional"
"I never have fun on the set I am a total professional"
Jasmine St. Clair was a total professional, it was another way of saying total cunt. A 'professional' attitude is usually a code word for a 'bitchy' attitude, and believe me nobody wants to see a 'professional' fuck scene. Professionalism in sex scenes is the closest you can get to prostitution, cold, fake, unsatisfying. I believe most guys want to fuck the girl next door not the neighborhood hooker. Real girls are what the internet offers, drug addicted, professional hookers, is what porn valley promotes, and they are loosing customers every day. girls2.jpg
One of the joys of shooting in Brazil and Thailand is that there are so few 'professional' egos on the set. When was the last time your 'star' helped out in the kitchen washing dishes, or your top male talent worked with the lighting crew for fun. All of the pictures accompanying this rant are of girls who were a joy to work with. They cleaned their own rooms, they helped out in wardrobe and make-up and yes even the kitchen. The guys moved furniture and helped build sets. We shot for nine days and lived like a family. When the shoot was over many of the the girls cried and hugged each other like real friends do. Does that sound like an American shoot?
All of these girls are on my new site, the Pervy Nerds are working 24 hours a day making the finishing touches and I think we will be able to invite you see the fruits of their labors in only a matter of days.

Posted by John T. Bone • 09:34 PM