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Oh Fuck!

I was having such a good morning, I talked to the beautiful Mrs. T. Bone she is on her way to grandma's house. I read my overnight updates from the Pervy Nurd's, I got an egg and cheese and bacon croissant from the Chinese doughnut shop along with a cup of coffee with Royal bee honey and ginseng in it. I moseyed over to adultfyi.com and read Gene' site and then I stopped by The Content Store dot com and fuck me if I didn't find two more of my fucking movies that Damaged are trying to sell the fucking internet rights too. Now I'm mad as hell all over again. These motherfuckers are the worst fucking theives I have ever encountered. My fucking lawyer is out of the fucking country so I can't get a fucking law suite going and I need to kill somebody.

Posted by John T. Bone • 08:25 AM